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Fluorite, Berbes, Spain

Pictures from the Alps, Switzerland,
Trip from 08. to 14. September 2002:

Pink Fluorite on Quartz, Rufibacher at Gutannen, Switzerland

At the famous Needle Quartz mine Al Aqua, Switzerland

Horst Adamczyk in front of the Tiefengletscher

Thats me ! My wife (picture above) is still working !

Kaspar Fahner, the King of the Strahler! (Strahler is the name of the professionals in Switzerland) 

Tiefengletscher (Tiefenglacier), Furka, Switzerland

I found this one together with Kaspar Fahner, size: 40x26x14 cm !
(See more pictures at my Best of the Best, see Info&News)

There seems to be a big mineral gap!

Kaspar and my wife Andrea

Here we bought very good Alp cheese!

We have found also some cube crystalls / Würfelkristalle !!

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