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Fluorite, Berbes, Spain

16. May 2002: back from my trip to Berbes, Spain:

The situation at Berbes is really bad now! All places are fullfilled except La Cabana - and now every one is working there. If you have nice Berbes Fluorites - be happy. If not so hurry up to get some!

Here you see pictures from a just opened fissure / chasm / cleft / pocket with a lot of clay over the Fluorites (May 2002, typical for La Cabana, Berbes):

And this one was inside:

Here you see some pictures (historic!!) from wonderfull Berbes:

La Cabana, Berbes:

The biggest hole, I ever found (3-4 m), Berbes:

That was also a good one:

Repairing the Cobra:

Bar Supermann, Playa de Vega,  "home of the miners":

Pepe, the owner of Superman (died some years ago):