Some pictures of our Collecting-Trip to the Fiesch-Glacier, Switzerland (19.-25.08.2001)

Our Camp at 2.800 Meters, above the Fiesch-Glacier

Jörg Schlyia, Heidenheim, Germany

Toni Imhof, who organised the trip together with Hubert and Julia

Jörg Schlyia, Kaspar Fahner and Toni Imhof

Andreas Paap, Mühlacker, Germany (waiting for the Quartz Cristalls)

Hubert and Julia preparing an excellent lunch!

Kaspar Fahner, a famous Mineral Collector from Hasliberg, Switzerland

Hubert Volken and Caspar Fahner (they are hungry now..)

Toni Imhof after a hard trip down and up to the glacier....

Jürg Schälchli and Hermann Fritsche, Switzerland

Kaspar Fahner in front of the Fiesch-Glacier

Thank´s to Toni Imhof, Hubert Volken and Julia Supersaxo !!

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