Fluorite, Berbes, Spain TOPMIN

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Fluorite, Berbes, Spain

Some pictures of the Munich Mineral Show 2001:

TOPMIN in Hall B2 at United Minerals

Heinz-Dieter Götter and Mr. Udert (nice Calcites from Elmwood!)

Some of the best of TOPMIN: in front a pink Fluorite (Mont Blanc,France), left a Fluorite (LaCollada, Spain), right a Fluorite (Jaimina, Spain), in the back a Fluorite (Mine Ilse, Kaltbrunn, Black Forest, Germany)

Jörg Schlyia, owner of the Schatzkiste, Heidenheim (a good friend)

Martin Sieber, Stuttgart

Günther Feil, Auenwald

Wolfgang Wendel with very good Laurion, Greece specimens

A new find of green Apophylite cubic cristalls - really nice but not cheap!

And now some great pieces (they are bigger and better you think!) from Alberto Giazotto (Pisa, Italy) presented at the special show:

Pyromorphite, Bunker Hill (more than 40cm)

Cuprite from Namibia (cristall may be 10cm)

Turmaline (may be Brasil, cristall may be 50cm)

Fluorite, La Collada, Spain (may be 50cm)

Rodochosite, Sweet Home (may be 70cm)

Aquamarine, may be 70cm

Turmaline, left may be 60cm

Kunzite, may be 50cm

More pictures from the great Giazotto collection are online on the Mineral Showcase website: